We are entering a new era where the Internet is increasingly integrated into people's daily lives, which relies on the involvement of more and more SMEs (Small and Medium Business). However, various data and privacy security issues are emerging one after another. Data security and privacy have long been hot topics.

Why are there endless data security and privacy issues on the Internet? Can people say goodbye to worries about online data and privacy? and can they surf the Internet with confidence and trust? Can SMEs be more efficiently involved to achieve faster development and easier operation and maintenance?

Absolutely. Patented ZOW solution has analyzed and identified fundamental problems of the Internet and is redefining it by introducing Privacy Zones, thus eliminating concerns about online privacy once and for all. In the meantime, it greatly improves SMEs with high efficiency.

Data Privacy Challenges We Are Facing:

#1. Internet Inherent Flaws

Collecting personal data is the current internet norm and every app service provider is doing it. But this is inherently abnormal.

#2. Growing Trust Deadlock

Companies are increasingly seeking to collect more data, while consumers' concerns about their privacy are growing, leading to an escalating resistance. This dynamic creates a trust deadlock.

#3. Demand of Digital Life

As the Internet becomes an integral part of daily life, the need for privacy protection has never been more critical and imperative.

Why do we innovate ZOW solution?

As more apps become integral to daily routines, the needs of businesses, especially SMEs, grow and the potential for data compromise intensifies. In response, a groundbreaking solution is imperative to reshape the Internet, providing robust protection for personal data and privacy.

It's time to shift from Internet norms to values, prioritizing individuals' privacy over the norm of data collection.

This is why patented ZOW solutions exist, stepping in to redefine the internet by introducing privacy zones, fundamentally protect user privacy on the Internet, and greatly improves the App development environment.